Diploma In Graphic Design (N/213/4/0170) 


Syarat Kemasukan :

Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) atau setara dengan minimum TIGA(3) kredit.


Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) atau serata dengan minimum SATU(1) kredit DAN Sijil Kemahiran dalam Seni Lukis dan Seni Reka Tahap 3 Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) atau sijil yang setara dengannya.


Kelayakan-kelayakan lain yang diiktiraf setara dengannya oleh Kerajaan Malaysia.


Lulus temuduga dan ujian lukisan


Programme Learning Outcome (PLO)

Programme learning outcomes are the specific skills and knowledge that our students are expected to have obtained at the time of their graduation from the programme. Students graduating from Graphic Design Programme will be prepared and expected to practice their skills and abilities as listed below:


Graduates have the ability to demonstrate the knowledge in the field of Graphic Design areas.


Graduates are able to develop practical and effective project work which has the elements of creativity.


Graduates have the ability to link their art work to public interest.


Graduates are able to demonstrate good values, attitudes and professionalism as artist and professional designers.


Graduates are able to demonstrate communication abilities and skills, leadership qualities and group work abilities.


Graduates have the ability to demonstrate their abilities in solving problems related to work of art.


Graduates are able to manage information resources in their production of reference work, assignments and projects.


Graduates have the ability to show awareness towards understanding management, business practices and entrepreneurial skills related to the graphic design areas.


Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

 PO1:  Creativity and Technical Knowledge

To produce graduates that are equipped with the knowledge in the graphic design areas.

PO2:  Specialization

To produce graduates who have skills in graphic design, creativity and arts in order to solve graphic design problems.

PO3:  Design Skills

To produce graduates who are trained to master persuasive communications through design and multimedia applications.

PO4:  Professional Skills

To produce innovative and highly skilled graduates for multimedia and graphic industry purposes.

PO5:  Life Long Learning

To produce graduates who will be prepared to continue professional development through inspiring and professionals designer that stimulates growth in the creative industry.



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